Intercultural General High-school of Sapes

This is the web site of the Intercultural General High-school (lyceum) of Sapes (Rodopi – Greece).

Unfortunately there is no English version of the context of this web site in English. Our web site is maintained only in Greek language so please use translation services (f.e. Google translate *) if you need further information or contact us to assist you.

Contact Information

  • Mail address: Koutoumani 1, Sapes, 69300, Greece
  • Tel: (+30) 2532022640
  • Fax: (+30) 2532023710
  • email: mail<at>lyk-diap-sappon.rod.sch.gr (copy and replace <at> with @ symbol)


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* Automated translation services are not accurate at all. Use them under their licence agreement terms. We have no responsibility for the translation provided.